Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lakota Dark Clouds

                     Lakota Dark Clouds

I got on my horse and we headed north
Never guessin' what might come forth
As we trotted along into the Black Hills mouth
I began to wonder, should we be goin' south?

Above us were loomin' those Lakota Dark Clouds
Bearing down upon us, yes, Lakota Dark Clouds

Drummin' in the distance, had heard that sound before
Smoke was risin' from that distant plateau floor
Our scout returnin' began to come in view
Sitting Bull was spotted, what're we gonna do?

All 'round us we're seein' Lakota Dark Clouds
Growin' bigger, oh yes, Lakota Dark Clouds

Coyote calls were heard as the sun began to set
Fears were growin' but the real danger not yet met
Wind was howlin' down the narrow canyon walls
To keep on goin' would take some real big balls

In the twilight, still see those Lakota Dark Clouds
Gettin' darker, oh yes, Lakota Dark Clouds

Sittin' on our bedrolls, eatin' beans warmed in the fire
Gettin' home alive, our only real desire
Nervous whispers and restless sleep that night
While changin' lookouts, guarded the moonlight

In the dark, still feelin' those Lakota Dark Clouds
Seems like always with us, yes, Lakota Dark Clouds

Startled awake by a soaring hawk's daybreak call
Climb back on horses, feelin' small, but sittin' tall
Must keep movin' forward, as quiet as we can
Crossed the line of safety for ordinary man

Now turquoise skies, are there no Lakota Dark Clouds?
Pray we make it through, safe from Lakota Dark Clouds

Trails are gettin' rugged, begin to feel hemmed in
Ledges all around us, thinkin' 'bout next o' kin
The map showed a clear passage to our far off goal
But we're in a box canyon, the walls dark as coal

Look up, rollin' in are those Lakota Dark Clouds
They're back again, oh yes, Lakota Dark Clouds

Reachin' the ridge, head down to the forest below
Many foot paths trampled, we hope by wild doe
It all seems too quiet, no singin' by the birds
Look off in the distance, see no buffalo herds

All around are growin' those Lakota Dark Clouds
No doubt about it, ah yes, Lakota Dark Clouds

Natives all around us, we had no place to go!
Bull, no longer sittin', came t'ward us, awful slow
Now no chance of runnin', as captured in their trap 
Sitting Bull had waited, we landed in his lap

Our hearts sank low, done in by Lakota Dark Clouds
We'll never escape now from Lakota Dark Clouds

We felt a strong proud presence, on us it did pull
Made the great 
Sun Dance Alliance, here Sitting Bull
He warned of his vision, soldiers falling nearby
Peered into my eyes, "like grasshoppers from the sky"

We're now at the mercy of Lakota Dark Clouds
Will they make us suffer, those Lakota Dark Clouds?

Having heard our sad story and pleas for escape
He considered our future, we're now in bad shape
Looks after these people in their island of trees
We all stood there a shakin', while tryin' to freeze

For all 'round us we're feelin' Lakota Dark Clouds
Far above and beyond us, Lakota Dark Clouds

We had entered the sacred center of their world
For nine thousand years, here Indian lives have swirled
"But you're not the enemy we'll soon be facing 
Trespassing white man soldiers, we'll surely be chasing"

Ancient lands looked over by Lakota Dark Clouds
Dark forests of life under Lakota Dark Clouds

"The Great Spirit gave us Pahá Sápathis land
Hunting grounds to nourish, so here we make our stand 
Go back to your world, your families to grow
And here supernatural powers we'll show"

Ancient truths intoned under Lakota Dark Clouds
Our lives don't belong under Lakota Dark Clouds

Sitting Bull bowed before us, and we can depart
Relieved, we thank him, from the bottom of our heart
Need not be welcomed, anywhere we wish to go
Create our own future, while not makin' a foe 

Around we admire these Lakota Dark Clouds
Home to proud people under Lakota Dark Clouds

We mounted our horses and followed their guides   
Headin' south with great gifts of buffalo hides
More tribes still a'comin', Alliance would grow
Secure ancient homelands, invaders reap what they sow

We learned a good lesson from Lakota Dark Clouds
Proud people protected by Lakota Dark Clouds

©  Ron Chester 2010  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED